Well, I have been standing on the edges of this pool for long enough.
The waters seemed to be stirred -- might as well jump in.
Hey! Lookey at you! Looking forward to this.
Welcome, Peggy.

What a great title!

I wonder: Does a Quaker pastor who rides a motorcycle experience the immediacy of the wind with, or without, a helmet?
In the State of Oregon we ride with hats ON. This prevents the immediacy of bugs in the teeth.

The acoustics in a full-face helmet are very fine - so I sing four part harmony with the angels. No not THOSE angels...
Welcome to the blogosphere! I am a big fan of Alivia Biko's music. I also read an article of a message you were lead to give at Pacific YM (in Friends Bulletin). I poked around the Freedom Friends Church site and look forward to see your contributions to the "conversation"!
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