Providence - Moving version

 SO I was in a bit of a Lament yesterday. 

I am alone in my house that will not be my house in a few days. After 30+ years. 

And yet I will be living here for another 26 days - because the buyers love me and want me to get my cash but not be inconvenienced.

There is so much to schlepp and clean. 

And fourteen of those days will be eaten by my job. Which came by surprise when I was at my lowest and in 13 years has paid all my bills and debts and will provide for a plausible retirement. I work with good people, some of whom love me, and say so, and are grieving my departure.

The yard is big and growing grass and weeds and flowers at a wild pace on this vernal equinox. 

And the yard is being taken care of by a man named Angel who keeps it beautiful.

Jesus told the rich man to sell all his goods and give the money to the poor. I decided to cut out the middle man and simply give most of my stuff away to the poor. I have been carrying large things down the twisty stairs to the garage to find new people. Everything small is going on a table marked "Free - Take it" - They are.  I need to get rid of 80% of our worldly possessions. It has been hard to see some of it go.

My neighbor next door got free from violence a two springs ago when we called the cops on her old man who was in the middle of trying to kill her or something.  She had some rough days and then joined a Pentecostal church and is doing better. Last week she told me that she was using her spare bedroom to help women leaving violence, she came with a helper to haul away an entire bedroom or two. 

Her helper is one of the women she is helping. Her name is Christina. She cleans and paints to make cash. She starts on Friday.  

As Christina and I and the neighbor were laughing about providence. Two girls with Mormon Missionary badges came up and said " We see you might be moving - is there anything we can do to help you?"  The five of us had an impromptu praise session and a brief bible study on the topic of riches. 

This morning I was wrangling Orville's garden bench off the front porch.

A man was walking by.

He smiled at me and said "Woman, what are you doing?"

I said "What woman has always done. What ever needs to be done, with or without the help of Man."

He took the other end. 

Beats me why my whiney lament seems to be heard sometimes. Beats me why it should be heard amongst the anguish of 50 million Ukrainians and a lot of others. He says He is with them like He is with me. Beats me. I'm rich. It is well known that the rich are clueless.