There are 2 ways to live your life.


Report from the Crack of Dawn Covid Grocery Shopping:


I observed that the produce man was a professional. He was stacking his head lettuce like Tetris.             Like in some other life he had been a dryrock master mason.                                                                      Fitting them by shape into a perfect, vertical wall without crushing or deforming any of them. 

I reached in, and aimed at the keystone head, dead center, low in the stack.                                               I hesitated. His eyebrows shot up and he shot me a look of dismay as I threatened his perfection,                but he said nothing behind his mask.

"Just kidding! " I said. and chose the top row left.                                                                                   He laughed. I laughed.      

Its hard to get a laugh in the grocery store these days.

I also observed a woman pound her fist on her horn at a red light that was, yes, taking a little long.          She was first in line, and this wasn't going to speed up the light.                                                                 God Bless Her. 

Just for today.

I am going to stack my lettuce heads with patience and intention.