Christ vs. Anti-Christ



According to the Sermon on the Mount

1      Those who are down will be lifted up. Don't worry if you are down.

2     You are supposed to be effective.

3      You are supposed to be noticed, but don’t do it to be noticed.

4     Perfection mean that your inside and outside is the same.

5      Make peace! With everyone.

6     Get rid of whatever traps you.

7      Give without limits.

8      Tell the truth – all the time.

9     Love without Limits. 

10  Pray – simply, often and in private.

11  Forgive! Everyone.

12  Trust – it is the anxiety killer.

13  Don’t judge, It makes you look stupid and hypocritical.

14   Ask for help when you need it.

15  Treat People right, whether useful or deserving.




The exact opposite  - Line by line


1      Make sure you are on top or appear to be.

2      Appearing effective is more important than being effective.

3      Being noticed is the most important thing.

4      Have lots of secrets, Fear exposure.

5     Offense is the best defense.

6     Keep your addictions out of sight

7     Hoard, if you do give, brag about it.

8    Lie as a regular practice

9    Reward those that are useful, hate those who are not.

10  If you practice religion, do it very publicly, and only publicly.

11 Never let go of a grudge.

12 Trust no one.

13 Judge and ridicule those you fear or don’t like.

14 Never admit weakness. Never surrender, to God or anyone else.

15 Flatter the powerful – cheat, ignore, those who aren’t