Early Readers Wanted!

I am in need of 3 Early Readers for my soon to be published (and as yet untitled) narrative theology.

It is a quick, light read, 200 pages. There are lots of Motorcycles, Quixotic adventures, and a few horses and Quakers. Angels, both the Hell's variety and the regular kind appear.

I need three people who can read the manuscript on a screen, within two weeks and give some general impressions and maybe answer a few questions. (If the readers I want turn out to be paper only - I will print and mail copies)

Rule Outs: The right individuals will NOT be Quakers. They will NOT have previously read any of my stuff. They will NOT be academics.

I have three specific profiles. I do not want them to be married or living in the same household.

Reader #1  Female, 35-60, Evangelical or Fundamental Christian. A regular church attender. She likely reads faith based adventure lit, missionary stories and biographies of spunky gals. If she lives east of the Rockies, that is a plus. If she is not white that is a double plus. 
Reader #2 Male  35-60 NOT a regular church attender, but not anti-religion. Working or lower middle class. Blue collar a plus. Likes/rides motorcycles and/or horses. Veteran a plus. In recovery a plus. Reads non-fiction and historical fiction.

Reader #3 Any Gender 20-35.  Deity friendly, but not church attending. Active. Not educated beyond a BA. Reads ebooks, comic books and is pop-culture aware.

The readers get a free book when it comes out and buckets of gratitude. The person who recruits the right reader will also get a free book.

I don't ask for much, do I.

So....... I've only got 3 strikes against me there.... Am I out?
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