The Only Documented Fib


 This is Dot sitting in a new 1968 Carmen Ghia that was Charlotte's pride and joy. The Pekinese's name was Sammy.  This is as Hollywood as their lives ever got - right here. Cute girl in shiny red car with fussy little dog.

I do not know how they did it. I know that Silverton never paid more than 200 dollars a month to their pastor.  But somehow Charlotte managed to Wrangle a loan to buy the Barn/house on Eureka Avenue. The payment on the house was 60. a month, utilities cost 45. That left 95 a month to live on, and somehow they saved. They drove a Bug in Silverton.

The Ghia shows up right about the time they move to the coast. I think Charlotte used Jedi Mind tricks on loan officers. A New Carmen Ghia cost 2200.00 in 1968. And yes, I know that a Ghia is a bug in candy coating.

Dorothy told me that Charlotte got tickets in the Ghia on a regular basis  - and claimed every single time that she was not speeding.



I believe her! ! I had a red convertible and got stopped right & left. Once i got a ticket for going 25 mph faster than the long line of ferry traffic i was stuck in going 35 in a 50 mph zone behind some old yahoo. Cop selected me out of the whole line and charged me with going 60. Judge believed him too, 'cuz i wouldn't swear.
Dororthy did not believe her.
I am relieved to know that Charlotte had at least one moral squishy point!
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