History Hunting

I went out to Silverton Today.
Hunting up History.

Looked for Charlotte and Dorothy's Barn House.

And I found this...

The house has been lovingly restored and kept by the couple who bought it from Charlotte and Dorothy, and Mr and Mrs. Hall.  Mrs Hall was curious but not alarmed when she noticed the gal on the motorcycle taking pictures of her house. They invited me in and gave me a story or two.  Remembered the preacher gals quite fondly.

Then I went over to the church to take a photo of the A Frame first sanctuary of Silverton Friends Church

But sadly, what I found was this.

I was only a few weeks late for the decommissioning and destruction.  The Quaker Architect a  Mr. Lingren, built it to California specs, which means those big beams were exposed to the rain. They didn't last, and the chapel became unsafe.

They will be building four Sunday School rooms in it's place. Dorothy would like that. They had to take out a tree, which Charlotte would not have liked - but we'll get to that later.

I stood there jaw dropping and sad. The Ghost whispering...  "It's just a building. It's only history. Scotts Mills will stand another hundred years, Peg, Don't sweat it."

Pastor Bob Henry, Who I think Charlotte would Love, let me bungee a few bricks onto the back of Rocinante to bring home for a keepsake.