Dream Handles

This is Charlotte Louise Macy

 She was a recorded minister in Northwest Yearly Meeting from 1952  until her death in January 1977.  She was acknowledged as one of the best preachers of her day, but there are no recordings or written sermons. She was Dean of Women at William Penn College. She literally, physically built Silverton Friends Church. She had a graduate degree from Asbury Seminary, a rarefied attainment in NWYM. She developed the Twin Rocks Camp into a year round conference center. She clerked the Yearly Meeting Board of Evangelism and the Board of George Fox College. At her memorial they said that she was a person who knew how to put handles on a Dream.

And if you Google her, you will find almost no evidence of her life.

We shall now fix that.

If you are interested, please stay tuned to this blog. I will be posting weekly about Charlotte until I have exhausted the material I have.  I do not know if this will end up being a long essay or a short book or just a series of posts.

 If you knew Charlotte or have older relatives who might have known her, please direct them to this blog. If you knew her and I have not already interviewed you, I would like to do so. If any of this jogs brief memories, please write them in the comments section, and I will add them to my materials. All of the materials that I have will eventually end up in the GFU archives.  If you knew her please give me feedback on my attempts to catch her spirit.  If you have found this and are planning on reading, please sign in to the comments so I know you are there.

I thank you for your attention.


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I am following. Good that this woman's history will be recorded. Too much has been lost or hidden of women's participation and leadership.
From Alice Mauer, Newberg Oregon

Charlotte had a powerful influence on my life. During my Junior year at Fox, Charlotte encouraged/allowed me to go over to Silverton one day a week and work with her. She encouraged me in my call to ministry. She was my role model. She always had time to listen. I will forever be grateful that the Lord brought her into my life.
i´ll be following. "Can any good thing come out of Idaho?" I'm interested in finding out how the acceptance of women in the ministry was changing during her life. Her grandmother's generation still had a number of women, if not honored, at least recorded. Then the pastoral system took dominance and men had to earn a living and... well we know that many Christians reacted to the flappers and the first round of women's rights, as well as to Evolution and Holiness... strange times! And then active women's suppression was national policy during the '50's. So all hail to a woman who made it thru the period.
~ dpablo 8^)> (a native spud-boy)
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