My Dear Evangelical Friends

And you are my dear Evangelical Friends...
And my Alma Mater, GFU

You mailed me a beautiful, expensive, multi-page, card stock brochure for your Selah Women's seminar this week. I can see how hard you are trying to appeal to a broad spectrum of women - I am a fan of ecumenism. I see you talk about women in ministry - women like me.  Thank you. I see you are trying to nurture and edify women. Important work.

But when you try and do that, and you include language  that talks about "Real women in pain" and links "domestic abuse, eating disorders and same sex attractions"  you fail at your goals.

Yes, I am attracted to Alivia, but its more than an attraction, it is Love.
It is not "painful," it is delightful.
I am not stuck, I am free.
Our love is not abusive.
Our love is not an addiction.
Our Love is not a disorder.
Our relationship is dedicated to Christ and the building of his kingdom, just like yours.

So with my warm regards, I send my regrets.



You go!
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Such a loving response. That is the way!
That picture says it all, I think.
Heather Espana took the beautiful photo
Wonderful response
Why be so nice?
I don't believe we are called to be polite to this kind of evil.
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Hi Ben,
I don't know about your call, but I am called to grace as a default setting. And people listen better sometimes when you nice. But mostly because the people who sent this, NWYM and GFU ARE, actually my friends. I know them by name, and many of them I actually love. I try to be nice to people I love. I also try and be kind to people I don't love. And Ben, I've met evil, seen evil, and this isn't it. And if it was evil, that would make them my enemies, and I am supposed to love them too.
- Peg
Love demands The Other, finding the other is grace.
Dear Peggy & Alivia,
i love loving language and clear, plain speech mixed together.

and i love the foto!!!!!
huggggggzz ~dp 8^)>
Amen! I have my own reasons for grimacing when I see the Selah flyer every year, but hadn't thought to see it and its messages through other lenses. Thanks for helping me to see.
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