There's Friends on my phone!

And now for today's dose of cute.

 Nia is talking on a calculator phone. This is a game I started with her on skype. We both talk into calculators and have many funny conversations.

This is what happened on a day when she could not reach me.

She says Hello, but doesn't connect. She declares her phone broken. She tries again.

 She discovers Zeros! on the phone.

She connects with Livi and Gramma.  She wonders what is happening  with her phone. She tries again.

She says she might have to talk to Livi tomorrow.

She connects with Gramma, identifies herself as Nia and asks to speak to Livi. Then she says Goodbye to everyone, and see ya later to everyone including mommy, daddy, Omi, Poppy, her cousins and aunts and then her friends. Then she tells her mom that she talked to friends, Friends! There's friends on my phone! and then she wants to go, go see her friends.

She is 2.5


Super cute.
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