Naturally redundant

You couldn't house this program in the "Easier House", could you?


Blue Shoes and Happiness

Well, it was Alivia's Birthday, and I wasn't supposed to be looking, but what are you going to do when these babies call your name?



There's Friends on my phone!

And now for today's dose of cute.

 Nia is talking on a calculator phone. This is a game I started with her on skype. We both talk into calculators and have many funny conversations.

This is what happened on a day when she could not reach me.

She says Hello, but doesn't connect. She declares her phone broken. She tries again.

 She discovers Zeros! on the phone.

She connects with Livi and Gramma.  She wonders what is happening  with her phone. She tries again.

She says she might have to talk to Livi tomorrow.

She connects with Gramma, identifies herself as Nia and asks to speak to Livi. Then she says Goodbye to everyone, and see ya later to everyone including mommy, daddy, Omi, Poppy, her cousins and aunts and then her friends. Then she tells her mom that she talked to friends, Friends! There's friends on my phone! and then she wants to go, go see her friends.

She is 2.5



Hangin with Sister Mary

In Boston...



A Glossary for the Weed Lecture

Remix: (noun or verb) An Alternative version which references an original source.  Often a piece of music or music video or video which is composed of a sample of an earlier work and original work. Primarily artistic in nature, remix also contextualizes material for a new era, or setting.

Sample: (noun or verb) To take a bit of an original source for use in a different setting, or that bit itself.  Sampling is as old as borrowing a bit of Biblical language, or poetry and placing it in a different setting, or as new as hip-hop.  The digital age has made sampling both audio and visual much easier to do, and harder to control.

Participatory Culture: A pervasive attitude that muddies the line between performer and audience, producer and consumer.  An active rather than passive exchange of ideas. A fast-forward evolutionary approach to everything.  Participatory culture is a feature of post-modernism.

Proprietary Culture: A culture that places great importance on ownership in all matters. Copywriting ideas, logos, and even sounds and smells are evidence of a proprietary culture. Intellectual rights are guarded and permissions sought for use of any material.

Faithful Betrayal: A departure from received tradition that occurs when you so engage with the tradition, know it in and out, apply it to fresh situations, use it so fully and deeply that it has to change.

Holy Revolution: When you love something so much that you are willing to destroy it to save it.

Spiritual Chemotherapy: When you apply a medicine so powerful that you risk the health of the tradition, in order to save the tradition. But the goal is to save the tradition in its form.

Theological remix: Applying remix and sampling to the Godly things.  Creating a fresh expression with intentional referencing but not complete preservation of the traditional source.

Joyful Subversion: Taking the received tradition and building upon it, often in radical surprising ways.

Godly Play for Grown-ups: Taking a received tradition and empathetically engaging with the story for enlightenment, message and provocation. Name sampled from “Godly Play” a copywrited Montessori like Sunday School Curriculum.

Orthodoxy: a received tradition, and a right way of thinking about and interpreting said tradition.

Open Source: A way of producing and developing material with the intent that others will have access to the end product’s source material. Inviting the participatory culture. A philosophy. This way of thinking presumes differing needs and contexts and agendas, anticipating that others will change the source for the best functionality in their environment. Another feature of post-modernism. A trust based approach.

Embodiment: Putting flesh and blood and tears and work to an idea. Making something real. Running the program in an actual human-based environment.  Intentional engagement with all its messiness. Embodiment requires commitment and good humor.

Sanctification: The process of being God-touched and God-changed. Perfection through the process of engagement. A long-term goal rather than an event.

Neuro-diversity: The idea that not all our brains are wired the same way. A non-pathological way of looking at the differences in perception, interpretation and interaction with the world.