To the Friend in Iowa

Who appears to have read my entire blog today:
Welcome, and Thank-you.

And a note to everyone else.
Sometime this summer this blog went over 500 posts 
and 100,000 page views.

SOooo it is free book time again! Today to the Friend in Decorah, Iowa.
Identify yourself and get a free copy of "So There I was"

I am humbled.
(and that ain't easy :) ha!  )

Where is the Africa post for today? I have periodically been checking my blogger account to see if it was up. ??? Is Saturday a day off?

I have read entire your blog and am impressed the friend in Iowa did it in one day. It took me much longer.
The Iowa Friend turns out to be my niece Madeline at Luther College! And yes, she still gets a free book - maybe a set.

I spent Saturday moving Ethan and Laura into PSU. I will resume shortly
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