Sufferin' for Jesus

I Landed in Nairobi on the Last day of June. An afternoon's wait in the airport connected me to a puddle jump flight to Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, close to the Tanzanian border. (which is good since the other border is Somalia) An after-dark ride in a taxi through Mombasa town took almost an hour. Mombasa is a city of four million. It looked really poor. When we got out, jet lag took me off to bed without much attention. When I woke up I realized that I was not in Kansas anymore - I was at the Sun 'n Sand Resort. Seriously Five star, but African: which means you have a bidet, but the hot water only works sometimes.  The property is a Disney-like, Arabian Nights theme. A series of outdoor salt water pools connected by flowing "streams" and slides. Poolside bars and in pool bars. All with a view of the Indian Ocean.

I was here to take in the FUM Friends Women Triennial. The site was chosen buy the Kenyan Committee, to give the 350 Kenyan women an experience "as close as possible" to an American Conference!

Oh sisters! America has nothing this wonderful!
I spent my first week sufferin for Jesus. 



A cross like that don't seem too hard to take up.
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