Speeding Up

Back down in Buja after a mid-week trip to Gitega.  The THARS compind looks great with four completed buildings one about to be finished and two at the foundations stage. The wall is complete around without blocking the view of the Valley, the landscaping is really coming together.This week there will be daily healing activities for Gitega street children. The greatest part of the prep for this was  the acquisition of a full set of traditional Burundian drums. Go to Youtube and search Burundian drums if you are curious. We had a blast playing them. The kids will too!

Dani and I got some bad food and were pretty sick for a night but we are recovered.

I have 27 students to start teaching Monday.  I am in town at the Tropicana for lunch and internet and then gather supplies. Milagro is parked at MM; All is well