Note/ the keyboard is french - the letters are all in the wrong places - I am paying francs pêr minute - so no  editing - work with me; ok?

It is hot today, especially downtown - Buja hot - I don,t know  how hot, because no ones knows how hot it is. There are no thermometers here - public or private.  The evening local news does not have a weather segment.  It is July. It will be dry and hot. Everyone knows this.  Even children know this. Why would that be news??  They have no fixation with numbers. who cares if the number is one more or less than yesterday.   Noon is hot. Three PM is awful. We sweat. We survive.
It has been hot here, and like a typical American, I spend time looking at the numbers. And, like a human, I sweat alot, because we have no air conditioning other than that which is, bless the Lord, provided by the trees and the movement of the air, when we get that.
We get breezes almost every afternoon. There are one or two airconditioned buildings in the city, but all the locals avoid them as the obvious threat to health that they are. Unnatural!
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