A Question

So Peg, What are you actually doing?

Waiting, of course; The Institute starts August 9.  (use the search this blog function if you don,t know what that means.)

What Else?

Living - it is a full time job here.


Writing a curriculum  of 60 lessons that integrate a post- modern, orthodox theology with Quaker History, Conflict resolution, trauma Healing and environmentalism.  Nuff?
yup. nuff
Bill, Jake, and Joel B., playing Wednesday eve 8-4 at NV, a peace benefit, I'm going to invite Liv.
I put in a half-hour on the outdoor soundstage in the Oak Grove during YM. Chatted up Sarah H., a little. Got a "B" for my first half of Spa Bootcamp, up early to study, thought I'd drop a note. I like the Big Spider - a some distance. Whether they write or not, they're reading it P. Praying for you.
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