The curse of sound amplification

So who should I blame?
I know, I can count, all the ways that sound amplification is a boon and pleasure to my life and all of you.  But seriously, enough is enough. It starts at 4am with the Imam and the loudspeakers on top of the neighborhood mosque.  And this means that Allah has blessed them with either a generator or a miracle because the power to the entire city is turned off from Midnight until 6am.
Soon after the call to prayer, all the TV's and radios in the area are on full blast. Since all the houses are plastered in and out with concrete the sound bounces and carries well.  Don't like your next door neighbor blasting the Shakira - Waka-waka song for the 100th time today? Blast your Yesu praise music  even louder and score points for Christendom.

We hear church long before we arrive - Kamenge's worship crew has 3 electric guitars, 6 mics, 8 feet of Peavy speakers plus sub woofers and monitors. The volume controls are all at the top all the time. You can feel it in your head in the parking lot and in the core of your body at the back door.  Lucky for you the elders bench is in a position of honor right in front of the speakers. They crank it up at 8:30 and church starts for real at 9am. It was a special day so extra choirs and we worship until after 1pm.

Praise God, we are having mostly peacful elections, so the ruling party has pick-up trucks with massive speakers traveling every neighborhood all afternoon.  It starts to wind down about 10pm, and at Midnight The Quaker Power Company cuts us off to silence - for four blissful hours.
Oh, my . . . . .
So much for Quaker silence. Hope your hearing is still intact.
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