And You Think Your Commute is Bad

 Here is a fun video Doc of some brave souls in the DRC trying to get their goods to Market.  The show is called Deadliest Roads.  This trip is more tedious and frustrating than deadly, but it is reality.

(above photo AGLI  Quaker Peace Teams in  Congo)

My 1200 mile trip will be spent all on Tarmac (I think) so more like the very early section of this trip where they can speed along at 25 mph!  I have been through some washouts, and mud traps almost this bad in Burundi. I got to drive one once and slid my car off the road and had to be pushed back on - but only once - pretty good for a mazungu! Not dissimilar to driving on ice - some of the same rules apply, don't slow down, don't over-steer, counter-steer in a slide.

I don't expect to be a driver this summer. But I am always prepared to be useful