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POMO preacher Shane Claiborne preached at FGC this week. It made the Roanoke News.

"We've got a little bit of an identity crisis," he told the group. "We have so much to say with our mouths and so little to do with our lives."

Christians "need a rummage sale," Claiborne said. "We don't need to throw away the family photo album. But we need to get rid of some of the infomercial stuff."

Claiborne advocates working directly with the poor and needy and following Jesus' actions. Too often, he said, Christians focus on belief instead of love in action. He said he hopes to see in the next generation a Christian faith transformed.

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Books have arrived!!! Thank you!
"May it be so" indeed.
I was at Shane's plenary address. Quite the contrast from the previous night when we heard from Ben Pink Dandelion.

Ben - pressed pants, dress shirt, British accent, short hair.

Shane - baggy cargo pants, white t-shirt (?), thick Southern-US accent, dreadlocks.

Both used humor and story pretty frequently and fairly well. Shane was much more confrontational, much more about DOING rather than talking-about-doing.

I hope to write about these plenaries soon, so I appreciate the link to the Roanoke (Virginia) newspaper story.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

P.S. Picked up a copy of Freedom Friends Church's Fatih & Practice. w00t!
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