It's Time for Another Contest !

So There I Was.. the book
is near ready for the printer.

I am working on the "About The Author" page.

This may end up on the back cover.

I am using actual quotes, but I am looking for semi-humorous, yet truthful bits.
I am asking for submissions of one line quotes.
If I end up using your quote, you get a free book.

1.Quotes must be no longer than one line.
2.You must have met me, or read my writing (inlcuding this blog) to be considered.
3.Multiple submissions encouraged.
4. This Contest is open for one week.
5. You must be willing to have your real name used.

Criteria for Consideration
1.This is Absolutely subjective.
2.My opinion is the only one that counts
3.making me laugh is a good idea but not mandatory
4.its better if its true, but its possible to be too truthful
5.Being famous will help

What I have so far:
About the Author

“Peg ... yeah ... God’s very own loose cannon.”
Derek Lamson, musician, Portland, Oregon

“Here she is - the woman who puts the rev in Reverend...”
Gwen, Methodist pastor, Salem Oregon

“Of course it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but she does it very nicely.” Church Secretary, Newberg, Oregon



Peggy Parson's writing is the kick in the teeth that quaker spirituality is asking for. -Mike Espana-McGeehon
Margaret Fell in leathers and crash helmet!

The pastor that won't go out to pasture. Tom Smith
She'll kick all your excuses to the kerb - with some very fancy boots!

Gil Skidmore, QUIP co-clerk, Reading, England
Peggy makes good points with personal stories that sing.
Ack no! Make that "radically thought-provoking points." This is FUN! NOW I gotta think funny as well as truthful.
Take a deep breath: Peggy adeptly walks the thin line between sacrilege and prophesy.
--Liz Oppenheimer
man she gets cranky when she can't find her keys.
Oh this is really good.
I am going to have a very hard time deciding.
I may have to deputize a judge.
Peggy Parsons -- not a morning person but awesome after a few cups of coffee.
Hmmmmm, I seem not to have properly posted my last marvelous idea....try again:

From motorcycle antics in Burundi to guidance around Texas twisters, hang on for this ride by faith.

Still not funny, but I'll keep working on it.
Oooooh, Deputize ME! I'll be objective, cross my fing.... er, heart!
you know, id rather use direct quotes from my mother like

"and then i realized i was on a 16 foot orchard ladder with a running chainsaw next to a power line."

or i'd like to describe the precise look on her face at 3 am when you, her 16 year old daughter, wake her up. on a school night. for the third time that month. when you're already grounded for something else. but thats not really a book selling sort of thing, i suppose.
Peggy Parsons: No namby-pamby wishy-washiness here.

(I love the Margaret Fell in crash helmet and leathers line and also the "already grounded for something else" bit.
Before reading Peggy's blog, I did not know how to play the saxophone. But Peggy showed me the way: you've got to put down the ducky.

Dave Carl
This in from Gregg Koskela, Pastor Newberg Friends Church, recalling an actual conversation after I provided some ministry to Boise Friends Church a few years back.

"I'm glad you didn't go over to the dark side of the Force."
Hehe, I like Greg's comment.

Hmmmmmmmm.... "Peggy Parsons, Jedi or Sith Lord"


still trying to think.... but it hurts.

I like Laura's idea though: a few selected "So there I was,.." lines would go a long way toward giving an idea of who Peggy is.
The locks are trim, but the breeches are still leather and the voice just as dangerous as George Fox's.
nice contribution Jay, but the contest closed yesterday.
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