HA - I needed this!

Getting ready to copy edit the book - ugh

Want some help? Like the Latin as I remember it should be "veni, vidi, vici" Hehehehehe
I gotta admit, though, I'm mighty curious about what's gonna get left out.
"a misspelled version ("Vini, Vidi, Vici") used as the motto for the US Army Sniper School, based at Fort Benning, Georgia." (quote from Wikipedia article)


That's kewl, Vail...... but they didn't put ANYthing between the "vidi" and the "vici?"
Wow - I do not know what is more appalling.

That someone with as much brain power as Nate Swift is using some space no matter how small to store a bit of bad Latin from a years old blog post.


that someone with as much important work to do as Vail Palmer spent any time whatsoever searching a rationalization for my bad Latin.

yikes! thank you both, but Yikes!

if anyone else out there is holding a memory of a specific error in one of my UPI columns, speak now or stuff it!
I've already used up my year's supply of exclamation points on my minor corrections, so I'm not much help here. And I'm miffed that I missed the contest. That'll teach me not to read your blog for a week at a time.
By way of excuse - I discovered long ago that my brain seems to work better if I interrupt the heavy lifting with some lighter stuff, whether its a game of solitaire or computer Scrabble or pursuing some bit of fascinating trivia down a rabbit hole!

Maybe its like sleeping on a vexing problem -- helps the subconscious percolate all those
offbeat ideas I come up with in the serious work!

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