It's Time for another Contest !

The Hit counter is at 39,830 this morning.

When it gets to 40K, I will attempt to Identify the visitor.

The Prize will be a fresh off the press copy of the Faith and Practice of Freedom Friends Church - which we expect to get back from the printer next week!

SO Check in often - this shouldn't take too long!


Peggy, that is so very exciting about your Faith and Practice. I can't wait to get one.
Will you make it to the FWCC meeting next week? It would be good to see you.

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I really enjoy it. In fact, I forwarded your blog “A Church Where God Talks to Girls” to my whole Meeting (Englewood Friends) and they loved it. Congrats on publishing Freedom Friends exciting Faith and Practice!

In Peace,

If I sit here all night and refresh your page over and over again, does it get a hit from me every time? Maybe I should just buy one. :p
39866 as I go to bed tonight.
You would have to do a bit of work for it.

Sales info will be out soon!
If I'd been smart, I could have just refreshed the page 150 times or so right off the bat, and then resumed my life. But as per usual, I am decisively unsystematic. :p
at dinner time Friday
this may take all weekend.
*collapses on keyboard*

what you are doing, while very 'bad Quaker' is only counted as page views, not visits.

You made three visits with 91.74, and 5 page views each.

The COunt this morning is 39,910
Bedtime Saturday Night 39,932

Presently having a bit of "The Kevin Sorbo effect. I must explain that sometime, but for now the winner will be the identifiable hit closest to 40K that is not google searching Kevin Sorbo
This is SO much fun to follow! I'm rooting for Kody.
This is very funny, pastor. Who knew that our little church would lead to such covetness. :-)

If I'm 40,000, give it to Kody.
Mike you were 39,956

the present count at 6pm is

Mike - just so you know - being part of Effin P TF doesn't get you the free book - it's 5 bucks to members and regular attendars - 10 bucks to the rest of the Q Continuum.
Oh man, and I was applying myself with such discipline! At least if I was earning "bad Quaker" points, it wasn't a total waste.

Points are pretty bad Quaker too, huh?
Yes, Points are almost as bad as voting!

You last visit Kody was

Don't give up yet! Your homeboys Mike and Nate are rooting for you!
So, I attend REGULARLY....when I'm passing through Salem on Sunday....
Ok, yer not gonna buy it. You will be sure to have copies available the next time i attend.....regularly, right?
Nate - at 39-987 you are only 13 off of a free one!

But if you walk in the door of our 5th birthday party next week - you get the cheapo price for sure!
Go Kody, Go Kody! I'm rooting for you too!
Sarah Hoggett, who cannot win because she is a member of FFC and the effin P TF
was visitor 39-991
Rats, can't make it then, but Happy Birthday. I'm shooting for mid May though.
this contest better be over soon, before Kody dies of stress, or drives me up a wall.

that said, i'm very glad there is this much excitement over an F&P.
Is it mine? NYM is still working on theres. I,m thinking within the next decade.
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