The Faith and Practice of Freedom Friends Church is available. We have here a fresh 21st century interpretation of a generous, progressive, orthodox Quaker faith.

The snazzy black cover features a photo of the neon sign that hangs in our front window. At sixty five pages it includes an introduction by the pastor, and an extensive glossary.

We brought it out for our fifth Birthday party this weekend. We sold half of the copies we had in print at the FWCC section of the Americas gathering on Saturday night. But the second order will go to the printers before the week is out.

The online version is free, but you may want to own your own copy or buy one for your meeting's library. You may buy one for $10 USD plus $2 for postage. You may order by the paypal button on the left. (please send a simultaneous email to peggyparsons AT cs DOT com, with your mailing address.) If you want to purchase in a foreign currency paypal will neatly exchange your currency. We will put you on the honor system to decide what to pay to cover postage to where you are. If you wish to order by mail please send your address and a check for$12 per copy to

Freedom Friends Church
2425 13th Street SE
Salem Oregon 97301

We are grateful to God to be able to share this with all of you.

Hello Peggy,

I've read your Faith and Practice a couple of times. I appreciate its contemporary way of stating Friends faith.

One quick question (among many:-):

Why did your Meeting decide to state "relations are intended to be expressed within long-term committed..." instead of saying "relations are intended to be expressed within life-long"?

I am a Freind deeply concerned with the outworking of Christian ethics.

In the Light,

Daniel Wilcox
Short snarky answer: people die, and not always together.

Longer answer: people are always growing and changing, and sometimes two people can grow in different directions. Not all relationships last forever. Not all should or need to.
Congratulations on your Faith and Practice!
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