And the Wiiner IS.......

Visitor #40K
You signed in at 3:31 am Pacific time (glad I went to bed)
You show up as
Your ISP is Verizon
you came immediately from "howdienduphere" Blog (methinks you are a Q)

Identify yourself and claim your prize!
(identify yourself and I will give you the e-mail to send me a snail address)

If 40K doesn't step up in 24 hours I will work backwards on the list.
I bet that was me~It's a little unnerving how one's aimless pottering on the web, when one should really be working on writing lesson plans, could be traced like that.

:-) But yes, my other internet connection is through verizon and I probably did visit from my blog.

I say give it to Kody though!
Yeah AMY!
I thought it was you.
We are grateful for your aimless, but regular pottering.

Amy is a member of NYYM and you can read her blog at:

But Amy is generously donating her copy of Freedom Friends F and P to Kody Hersch of Philadelphia PA.

I will personally deliver it when I am at Pendle Hill next week

according to the sitemeter Kody spent just less than four hours lurking on this blog refreshing the page and going in and out, trying to win the book.

See Kody persistence pays! If only by the generosity of your peers.

All is Well
Yay, Amy AND Kody! Hmmmmmm.... it would be great if your labors at discernment could be helpful to NYYM in their process, mentioned by Amy
Luke 18:2-5 ?!

Hey - how do I order a copy and pay money for it?
I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.
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