Heckuva Party

Don't have HBO (watch these quick before they pull them)
Grateful for the Interwebs

But I sang along
And shed a tear or two

The Party is huge, and glitzy, and cheesy, and fabulous,
and almost rises to the actual occasion.

My favorites

Garth - wait for "We Shall be FREE"

Those Irish Guys (Adam and The Edge actually look a bit giddy!)

Sweet Baby James (looking a little old)

And THE BEST!!! 89 year old Pete Seeger
Looking Great!
Singing with Springsteen
This Land is our Land including
the "communist verses"
they wouldn't let us sing in grade school!
(Paul lists the lyrics)

And what the Man of the Hour said:

Wow! Pete made it!

And what blew my mind about the U2 performance was that Adam Clayton.



I've loved U2 for a while.

And I've never seen him smile.
If I could trade my going-nowhere-fast experience of waiting in line with a silver ticket on January 20 for anything else related to the First Family, I'd trade it in for a night at the concert. Thanks so much for posting these clips!!

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up
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