Laura and Ethan

Laura and Ethan came in with Halley's Comet in 1986.
We are not convinced that they had not been somewhere else together before.

They passed each other many times in Salem from their car seats, as their mothers crisscrossed the downtown core, but they didn't manage to physically be in the same place at the same time until ninth grade.

Mr. Fink threw them out of English class together.
Ethan says that Laura hit him in the back.
Laura says that Ethan told her to do it.

Laura hated High School.
She left to do alternative school.
Ethan hated school too, but ended up staying and protesting
by doing homework yet not turning it in.

Ethan's mother really wanted him to go to prom.
Ethan could only think of one person he could bear to do that with,
so he found Laura and they went just as Friends.

Ethan went to Portland State. Laura found excuses to go to Portland.

They were married last Saturday.
In a beautiful simple service.
There were bagpipes.
There was Love.

It is my wish and prayer that they have each other
until the next time Halley comes around.

How beautiful. Congratulations.
Before Laura signs in and corrects me. Ethan was actually born in Nov 1985 six months before her. The comet was in the sky early in 1986. All these cosmic events were very close. I have taken a bit of literary license.

They were almost born in the same tiny birthing center, but it closed after Ethan, while Laura was still waiting to be born.

We almost enrolled them in the same private school in 6th grade, but E's parents decided on public school for him.
lol no, actually he was born in march 86. So therefore, i correct your correction.
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