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In about two hours, I am going to try my hand at something new.

I am going to starting teaching Psychology 101 for our local Community College. I will have three sections of early college high school students, on three different campuses, five mornings a week.

I have done a lot of different kinds of teaching, but never anything quite like this. I have not had any classes in education.

But I have seen enough syllabi to make one up. I like the director of this program and her expectations for our classrooms. I feel enough liberty to make passing references to their textbook and teach them what I have in my heart and soul. This is not rocket science.

But it still feels like looking at the deep end of the pool this morning.

Fortunately everything I have ever done, that meant anything was a deep end of the pool experience.


Blessings on you and your work, strong woman!
So - how did it go?

I can't imagine it went anything other than brilliantly :)
Day 1 - Woodburn Campus. 21 students. It felt a little choppy, but good.

Tomorrow the Dallas Campus.

then repeat, and then on Friday a three hour class here in Salem.

By then I ought to have it down.
Woohoo! ALL the fun's at the deep end! The point here is to blow their little minds, no?
Hooray! I wish I could have taken that class.
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