Heather Espana McGeehon

Heather Espana McGeehon is a mega-talented young photographer who has just opened her own business out of Newberg Oregon. She is photographing weddings, babies, mothers, grads, and any other event or non-event that you can think of.

Her pictures of Laura and Ethan have pleased an stunned the entire clan.

Heather is a regular attender of Freedom Friends

and the bride of Mike

If you know anyone in the Northwest planning a Wedding for next year, I would book Heather now!

(ps Heather runs a GLBTQ friendly business)

Thanks for the plug Peggy ;)
for Tim, who commented on Heather's blog, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," YES!

Ok, the "real" dress is great, but the best pic is the summer dress holding hands on the park bench; red stockings just GO with the Cameron tartan. Trust an impartial observer.

Good to see you Sunday past.

In His Love,
Nate Swift
No no, im all slouchy in that pic, the best one is the sepia of me from behind in grandma's dress.

but thanks! Those socks rock
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