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So, Peggy, this may be a really, really stupid question...but why the Cubs and not the other chicago team? Is it a geography thing? A choice? A genetic disposition?
What other team?

oh - you mean the Bears? Bulls?

I just like baseball better.


and since when was eddie a cubs fan? I know he's a mariner fan...but huh. oh well, the more the better.
Eddie V is a native Chicagoan.

But the connection is Saint Louis Pinella know...something about sox that aren't red?

Pure sox?

Plain sox?
oh - those guys.

You count that as baseball?

Their pitchers don't even bat!

well, ok, seriously to answer your question.

Baseball orientation in Chicago is determined by a sttrict geographic line. The Eisenhower Freeway. North or South.

There are people who go both ways, but purists condsider that a bit of a perversion.
Someone said the other day that expecting the Cubs to win the World Series (go all the way, like the song) is kind of like turning on your porch light for Jimmy Hoffa.

Good luck. Once the Red Sox broke the curse, it seems the Cubs have to be next, and I won't mind if they go all the way, unless the Twins do.
AH! That's a good one!
Hoffa is buried under right field at Wrigley you know.

I full expect him to rise from the dead in that fateful game.

I need to export you comment to the rapure ready page....

did you see that brother of mine a a sing this weekend?
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