Women's Work - practical application

(This is going to be the last post in the Women's blogorama. I discovered that the blog has been referenced several times on the interweb as a "Women's Blog". All well and good, but SOOO not the whole story - we will soon resume our regular programming)

Recently we had a Women Ending Hungry Event in Salem. Alivia sang and all kinds of Women showed up to intiate a fresh effort to address the root causes of Hunger in our community. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. here are some pics.

Alivia singing against hunger

All Kinds of women against hunger.

Young Latinas against hunger. (The woman behind is our mayor)

Grammas and grandbabies against hunger

I have never met a pup who was not against hunger.

lol Yeah I'm pretty sure that dogs everywhere are willing to unite to end hunger. Especially if we could end it using whatever it is that is on your plate right now. Cause man, it smells great.
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