A Slight Aside

I just want to say - before someone points it out for me - that this women's blogorama, has, to this point, been very heterosexually oriented. I am fully aware that this leaves a lot of people out. I would welcome any comments from sexual minorities on the topics we have raised.

You just can't do anything more rigorous than 'airing things out' in this setting, but I think the airing does us all some good. And I think we are working towards our own clarity on our personal, communal and cultural sexual ethics.

I desire an ethic that is flexible enough to be personal, but which partakes of equality and could be reflective of a Gospel Order ethic than transcends gender or culture.

I think such an ethic would be based on


I will talk some more about these things soon.

The best news for some women today is that in the State of California, a gal can go out and get herself a wife!

Mazel Toff!
Too cool.
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