Blogorama over?

Eight days of blogging and a Blog Sabbath
Are we about done?

No I think Not.

A review:
Day One addressed the erronious notion that women must cover so as not to cause thought problems in Men. This was named as co-dependency which both morally wrong and completely inefficient.

Day Two - While I treasure my biology - I am not my body. I am not my gender. I wished to be addressed as who I really am. If I appear to be in trouble - by all means ASK me if I need help. If I am unconscious call 911.

Day Three - the purpose of religious education is not the indoctrination of beliefs, but the inoculation of invincibility.

Day Four - A day of many comments. Where we heard from Friends, newcomers and both daughters.

Day Five - Cross cultural women's issues with Saudi Arabia as an interesting example

Day Six - A guest post from Daughter #2 in which she gives an example of a stranger speaking to that of God in a Young woman even when his presumptions are incorrect.

Day Seven - n inclusive side note, and the proposal of a Gospel Order sexual ethic that is based in Self-validation, self-regulation, intentionality and listening.

Day Eight - an example of an invincible and self-validating girl.