Soon and very Soon

This Blog will welcome its 25,000 visitor!

I will identify the visitor by time and place and if you step forward you will receive a copy of
Walk Worthy of Your Calling
a book of Quaker writing on ministry by Marge Abbott and myself.
So check in regularly for the next few days!

I'm visiting - again and again. Do I have to leave a comment each time?
And what an excellent choice of award! ;-)
You do not need to leave a comment.
I can tell when you were here.
as of 1pm Monday the count stood at 24,822 and counting.
At present rate - the likely day will be tomorrow.
I think this is fun!
Yes, it is a fine award. We borrowed from our meeting's library for the longest time but finally had to take it back.
whoa whoa, you are a blogging fool and obviously VERY popular. Who will it be????
8 am Tuesday
I will post UPI column a bit later
still, looking less likely for today.
Doh!, I've been reading this whole award backwards this morning in my news reader: from winner to teasing milestones and now to the beginning. Why do you have to do such things when I had my head inside code. Ah well, why am I complaining, I have the book. I should read some more chapters as a matter of fact. For those who don't know it the chapters are all very digestible. Some will speak to your condition better than others but that's okay.

I'll try to keep more on top of the blogs for just such contests!
Martin @ Quaker Ranter
I like your blog...the piece about anger is right on, in my books!!!
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