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OK - don't tell me you don't have a buck-ninety-nine to help the youth of Kamenge Friends church, Bujumbura Burundi.

That's half a latte or 2 quarts of petrol.

Derek Lamson has put up on CD baby the Kamenge recording of Our God is an Awesome God.

You can sample the song on the site, but unless you download, you won't get to the part where the Kiswahili and Kirundi rap happens. You just do not want to live without Rap in Kirundi - trust me.

When Fabrice calls out " Mikono JU! that means put your hands up in the air. We do this a lot at Kamenge.

If you are Luddite enough to not have a use for the Mp3 download - despair not - you can order the four dollar CD. But if you were that much a Luddite you would not be reading this blog.

The Tembo (elephants) in the album art live in Kenya, not Burundi. But they would put their trunks in the air for this song.
This is great! So far, I'm only sampling--I won't be able to actually make a purchase till the weekend. But I definitely will--I love it!
Thanks P. Nice shot.
Great idea, but is there a way I can give money WITHOUT getting the song?

It gives me the holy creeps. Maybe because when I heard it incessantly repeated in my previous church life. It served as the soundtrack the casting out of demons and a blood lust to destroy the enemy without really defining who that might be. Many of us got hit by "friendly fire".
Dearest Peterson,

When I got to Burundi and found out that the young people had put away the goatskin/oil barrel drums and were hocking their shoes to get cheesy casio keyboards to play contemporary Christian that was ten years out of favor in the US, I did almost despair.

Like you I had a bit of PTSD around this stuff. But these kids at Kamenge are so much fun, and so sincere, and even tolerant for Who and where they are. That they almost redemmed this stuff for me.

It helps alot when they sing it in Kirundi. And they don't sing the creepy verses, just the chorus. 'He' is an awesome God after all.

This is the only Rich Mullens that I would consider allowing on my pod.

For you, and other recovering Christians like you, I would recomend this as a therapeutic tool. I am being serious here. Download it. Only play it once in a while when you are in a really strong place. Attempt to relax while tyou listen to it. Until it gets to the place where you can listen to it and think about the kids at Kamenge and not the people who abused you. THEN jetison it from you pod - with Joy. The goal is not to like it, but to be bored by it. Then you have a bit of healing. Therapy for a buck ninety-nine. As a therpist, even I get more than that!

Or DOn't

They will be fine without your eight bits. (and honey, you've got the double whammy of Africa mixed it. Some day you and I should take you back and get all that healed up. Peggy Parson's personal healing tours, LTD)

For what it is worth - the choir kids did not try and exorcise Derek and he has a large Tattoo which in Africa is a clear sign of Devil Worship. They were concerned, and had to have me vouch for him, but then they loved him as one of their own.
love, as ever, Pp
well, I shall bow to your wisdom and experience on these matters. And yes, I totally want to take you up on the healing trip to Africa. But are you really prepared to deal with a big ole drama queen like me?

Congrats on hitting the 25,000 mark. You are a rock star.
We.l.l -- wrong!

I must be selectively luddite! I never bothered to hook up the speakers to my computer -- I could download the track, but don't get any sound, of course.

That's what I get for being a convergent Quaker minister who's immersed at the moment in the 18th century --
Ah, Vail,
an honest Quaker with no guile.

I can not tell you how many times I have panicked at a 'broken computer' "what has gone wrong with my ITunes!?!?" and then realized that what I needed to do was to turn on the speakers.
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