I am voting for this man

When I was in Africa last winter I told my African friends that I thought that the next president of the United States was going to be a black man. They knew who I was talking about, but they laughed at me.
They did not believe that this was possible in America.
Especially the ones who had been to America.
My friend Niyonzima has sat in a restaurant in Newberg and not been waited on because he is black. He did not have much hope for the son of a Kenyan.
But my friend thinks that I am a prophet of sorts, and so he he asked me if I thought this, or hoped this, or knew this from God.
I never claim prophet, but I am hoping I am right.

I will vote for this man
I will throw him a few bucks
I am PRAYING for his emotional, spiritual, moral and physical Safety.

This is the link to his sermon at Ebenezar Church this month. It is 34 minutes long. It starts out slow and quiet, but he gets it going. It is worth watching.

Win or Lose, Barack can ride in my posse, any day.
That's kinda funny.

I posted the same thing today.

Huh. How about that?
Right on Sister! This guy is amazing. He is one of the few politicians that give me hope when he speaks.

The best thing about Obama is he is intent on doing away with the politics of fear and division.

Obama '08!
Now if the vote was to see who I would like to go with for a date--well it is Barack, no questions asked. Now as for president of the US....
I don't know, I just don't know.
Ted and Caroline Kennedy have stood with him, he has my vote as well....we all need to embrace some hope
It's good to hear your enthusiasm; if he's the Democratic nominee, he'll get my vote as well. But his "health care reform" is Romney Lite, and as a resident of Massachusetts, I'm appalled.

And his distanced stance on Same Gender Marriage is less than visionary.

It's not that he isn't from a better Universe than Romney and his ilk. It's just that I want somebody to champion the causes which are important to me. And that means more than soaring rhetoric.

It's too bad people with real ideas and plans and platforms get excluded from the debate (both figuratively and literally.) Both Dennis K and now Edwards have been effectively silenced.
Yes! When they speak, Barack and George Bush both make me cry, but for different reasons.

Go Barack!
I also posted about Obama just last night. I would love your feedback if you stop by my blog.

Barack Obama is America's only hope, and thankfully, he will live up to our expectations (and more!). I believe!

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