Good and Fun

Thanks to Robin for this one.
I have been having fun with the word game
where every correct answer donates rice
to the United Nations relief fund.
I can't seem to break level 47, and I only got there by a lot of guessing. If you click on options you can run a cumulative rice and vocabulary lessons.
Vail Palmer is going to clean up on this.

Level 50

And that I believe, is the top
Hah! I once guessed my way up to 50. Ain't dey got some WOIDS, though? Thanks, saw this on Robin's blog but didn't have the time at the moment. Now I'll have to come back to it once in awhile, Hope I don't become an addict.

Nate Swift
I made it to 50 too. Briefly.

Glad you liked it!
Ok, so NOW the challenge for a short game is to see how high you can go before 1,000 grains. Hehehehehe

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