An Open letter to Sarah Silverman

I don't actually want you to click on this video unless you really want to. Sarah Silverman is hosting the MTV Awards show, and she takes the chance to ridicule Paris Hilton, who is sitting in the audience with a camera in her face. Sarah makes a mean and vulgar joke. Then when she finishes she asks "Wow, why do I feel dirty?"

Sarah, Honey, let me answer that question for you. You feel dirty because you made yourself dirty. Poking fun at the powerful is as old as the court jester. It is an honorable power balancing thing. You are good at it.

Making jokes at the expense of hubris and those elevated for no apparent reason is also ancient comedy.

But picking on people who are down, who already have gotten or are getting their comuppence is just mean, and it demeans you. It also opens the door to karma.

You are a smart young woman, I know you can figure this out.

a friend

I stumbled this You-tube piece myself yesterday while home nursing a cold. Thanks for defending the defenseless.
It's pretty hard to work up a lot of compassion for Paris - especially when she served three days of her sentence and got out because she wouldn't eat jail food - sigh.

But sometimes I just have to buck the Quaker tendancy to refuse to engage with pop culture. Speaking to that of God in Sarah Silverman and Paris Hilton needs to be done.
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