The House on Samedi Street

So, for starters a few pictures of domestic life in Bujumbura

"Our House" belongs to David Niyonzima and his wife Felicity Ntikurako. They finished building it in the fall of 2003, so I saw it in the final stages of construction when I was there last time. The family, including four children a housekeeper and a gateman all live on the ground level. David says that he is a "man of the earth" and does not like to sleep away from the ground. He built the upstairs specifically to be able to accomodate occasional Quaker visitors, although I understand that the boys have lived up there part of the time. You can see the second floor terrace with a view of the mountains
of Burundi, the Congo and Lake Tanganyika. The breezes upstairs are heavenly. The guest quarters include a large living room, two bedrooms each with its own bath (one with HOT Water - guess who got that one!) and a small kitchen.
The upstairs has its own entrance,
the car parked in below the terrace is the little Toyota Sprinter wagon that belongs to THARS and was mine during my stay. In the second picture to is the main entrance to the house.
Welcome back. I have enjoyed and have been enriched by your stories of your work and your adventures in Africa. Thank you. I look forward to reading more about your trip and seeing the pictures.

Blessings to you.

Will Taber
Nice digs, Peggy.

It looks vaguely like my old house in Costa Rica.

More photos, please. I don't mind the goatsicles.
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