Holy Psalmist! is that you Paul?

Breaking News from the SPG web watch desk!

Is it possible that our Friend Blogger Paul at Showers of Blessings
the rebuking David Plotz of who is Blogging the Bible?

Way to go, Paul!
To bad it doesn;t say QUAKER Paul Landskroener.

SPG eagarly awaits confirmation of this story.
Be still & know that I am he.
you sure its spelled "eagarly"? and if youre wrong, does this mean you'll stop complaining about the spelling skills of kids today?
so maybe it should be eagerly.
gratz 2 U
sigh. gratz is an eq2 nerd word, and is mainly used by 30-45 year old computer programmers. "2 U" is cell phone slang commonly used by silly youth. i protest he implication that eq2 nerds would lower themselves to such levels. and in closing, i say w00t for 733t pwns!
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