Central Africa Quiz #2

What is wrong with this picture?

That these guys are letting you take their picture?
Um, I give up. I will say that other than the faces being darker, this looks a lot, a LOT like central Colombia.
You are looking at deforestation.
It is kinda pretty, no?

Burundi is 97% deforested. There are two major causes.

1-The coffee and tea industries, which in Burundi are monopolies of a very corrupt government. No shade grown, no fair trade. (robin is correct that the highlands of Burundi and Rwanda are similar in many ways to the coffee growing regions of South America.)

2- the entire population of 7-8 million cooks over charcoal - even in the urban areas. Healthy mature trees are cut and immediately burned into charcoal lumps to be sold.

While David Niyonzima was head of the Friends church, he started a campaign to plant trees on all the church lands. The present leadership of Burundi Ym does not appear to carry on this concern.
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