Training Trauma Healers

The post below about Ernest Toyi, of Makamba, Burundi, Central Africa is an excellent example of how much you can change things in the world with a small intervention.
I trained 43 trauma Healers like Ernest while I was there in 2003. David Niyonzima turned those 43 into 800 trained. Only a tiny percentage of them have worked with him at THARS, Trauma Healing and Reconciliation services of Burundi. Most of them have taken their training back to their communities, churches and schools. Ernest's story demonstrates how personal healing can translate into community service and better governance. Unhealed people do not govern well.

Here is a Reuters Country Profile for Burundi most of these numbers make sense to me. The numbers I find terrifying are the prediction of population growth from 7.5 million to 28 million, this in a country the size of Maryland (or Lane county for you Oregonians). The corruption scale does not surprise me at all. But the combination raises the likelihood of a return to warfare/genocide/massive health problems to a near certainty.

Burundi has recently had its debts cancelled. There is a chance. David Niyonzima believes that the cycle of violence can be stopped if enough people are healed, and put to work as healers.
I am going on December 27 to train a new crop of healers. I will also be teaching his present staff about compassion fatigue and resiliency - a critical need to prevent burnout.

My financial needs for this trip are all accounted for. But I am raising funds for THARS to facilitate the training of more people like Ernest. I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I was a piece of the transformation in his Life. Wouldn't you like a piece of that?

Please consider a donation. If you are in the US and would like your tax deduction please mail a check to Freedom Friends Church 2425 13th st NE, Salem, Oregon 97302. Make sure you label your donation THARS fund.

If you do not care about the deduction, or you are in another country with another currency, the paypal donation button on the left works. Click on it and it will walk you through the steps to use a credit card. ANY AMOUNT HELPS - You Can PAYPAL FIVE BUCKS!

The processing and currency exchange fees seem to be within normal parameters. All funds received by either methods will be taken by me to Burundi, where David will disperse them. His accounting procedures have a long track record of honesty. I will also personally watch over the use of these funds, and have at least one trusted Quaker on this end watch over my accounting. I will issue a report on the use of these funds when I get back.

Thank you for your help.