This morning
Freedom Friends Church
moved into our new meetinghouse !

We are quite fond of the Neon OPEN sign!

SO Accessable!
1250 sq feet
seating for 60
two ADA bathrooms
small kitchen
pastor's office
children's room

We are Very Grateful!!!!!!!

Here is a post at Alivia's blog that includes a picture of the pews.

It sounds perfect! God is good.
Peggy...It is beautiful!!! I am so excited for you all. Spoke with a FWCC Rep at our Meeting a few weeks back who knew you and the Meeting. She had wonderful things to say about you folks. God's peace! -- Craig

Best wishes for a long residence and uncontentious decisions about paint and carpeting.
We are excited!
We have a two year, extendable lease. At our present growth rate we figure it is good for 2-5 years.

Our clerk Rocks!
We found a couple of really cheap padded church pews - which was great. What was not great is that they are upholstered in orange crushed velvet. YEsterday at business meeting in the new house we needed to approve money for fabric to re-cover them. The clerk did not allow the issue of color to come before the meeting. She stated "We are looking at who to send for fabric and how much money - not what color fabric" Friends were just fine with that. We have set a culture that says that some things are just beneath the notice of the meeting, and we trust the clerk to decide what those issues are. Whew!
Our Meeting is seeking discernment on the Meetinghouse. We are packed each First day and also land, no expansion. There is a possiblity that we could relocate our Meetinghouse to the campus of Guilford College if Way opens.

Pray for us!!!!
Congratulations, Peggy and Freedom Friends!
A neon "OPEN" sign and orange crushed velvet, that has just got to be so cool. Do you know how fast you'd pack in East Coast hipsters with that combo? Seriously, I'm so happy for you and grateful for your continuing example of faithful creativity and your testimony against stodginess. Rock on!
you know what he said
"Stodge Not!"
Congratulations! It sounds fantastic!
Congratulations, Peggy & Freedom Friends!

As for the orange crushed velvet, I would be most curious to see the church they came from.

With love,
That's great Peggy! What a joy to share.
Well, I'm clearly out of the loop by a few days! (Chalk it up to rotating computers in the house--and me being separated from the one I use most often...) Congrats on the new digs.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up
It does look beautiful and nicely proportioned for a Friends meetinghouse. I especially love the coupla -- it kind of suggests steeple without really saying it. It reminds me more of a lighthouse. Not only letting light in, but being a beacon, too.

I hope that you realize, though, that with your new place, and your message, your "growth rate" is not going to continue linearally but it will curve up at an exponential rate. You'll have to install double-decker benches before you know it.

I wonder what the Open sign says when it's not?
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