Northwest Yearly Meeting

Went up to Newberg Yesterday to visit with the old crew at NWYM. Heard my greek professor Mary Kate preach, on of all things, "Freedom"

here is a pic of three balcony bloggers - can you name them?
(all the cool people sit in the balcony at NWYM even if it is hotter up there)
One of these bloggers is expecting a child - can you guess which one?

We tried yelling down to Aj to come up for the pic. She ignored us. Balcany people can be sooooo embarassing! Actually she said "I heard you , but I figured it had to be somebody yelling for one of the youth - beacuse nobody yells for me"

So Shout out to AJ!

And now - Just because it is late at night,
and because I can,
another picture of Kody

holy crap you posted pictures. of you. of you own free will. im shocked.
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