I should not be blogging

Because I have a virus
and I think I have a temp
which makes public writing dangerous.

I once preached with a 104 degree fever
was told it was powerful ministry.
I don't remember

But I just have to say
that the whole idea of
Wess and Joe having coffee
is way cool.

There is NO WAY that would have happened
without the blogosphere

"How you gonna keep em down on the farm, now that they've seen Paree?"

also - glad to read about Alivia's and your ministry at FGC. I wonder if folks knowing about you via the blog world had some impact on people attending and then responding as they did.

How cool is that? :)
didn't stop me though - did it?

The turnout was great
and it was totally
and Martin Kelley
who advertised the thing.
The blogfather Rocks
Get well soon. I should be going to bed. But I want to say that I think it is way cool too. And so are you.
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