out of the office

Alivia and I are about to take off for a little three day buzz around Eastern Oregon. Today is the longest day of the year which obviously calls for the longest motorcycle ride of the year. Friday is Liv's birthday and that obviously calls for hijinks and hilarity.

I am hoping to find a nice flat stretch of road out there in the middle of nowhere to do my best impression of Burt Munroe. I have not had a chance yet to let the new bike show me what he can do.

see you soon
hey peggy, sorry I didn't get a chance to swing through town. my trip was cut short by a day or two given my traveling companion's schedule. we drove up the coast and missed salem altogether. that said, we did make an unexpected turn through Newberg enroute to Portland, and I thought, "darn it. there are some quakers in these parts that I would love to meet." sigh. next time. take care!
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