The Sisters

Part of my spiritual discipline is to spent 24 hours every month cloistered. Thirteen miles from my house is the Queen of the Angels Monestary, and the Shalom retreat center. My spiritual director Sr. Jo Morton lives and works there. I took a two-year spiritual direction class from them a few years back and they did such a good job of spinning my head that I try and go back once a month. I crave regular spinning.

I grew up in a Catholic stronghold outside of Chicago; the notions I had of nuns have been completely blown away by these Benedictines. Turns out Quakers and Benedictines have a lot in common so we get along fine. Sr. Jo likes me to use my time for R and R - she thinks I run a little quick. Just being out there is a rest, but I often find that I get inspired and do good hard thinking and writing when I am there. Today is my day. So I will turn my cellphone (which is FFC's chrch phone) off for 24 hours now. The Fam can fend for themselves for dinner. If you need me, tell God, we stay in touch, or call the clerk.