Over on "The Good Raised Up" Liz has a fine post that includes stages of worship set out by Marty Walton. I appreciated it. It describes pretty accurately what I experience in worship. But then I have a pretty mystical bent. I have discovered that this is not true of everyone. Some people are really hardwired to this world. And they are not lacking, or undeleveoped. I know seasoned Friends who have worshipped for decades without experiencing "sinking into the stream" or "transcending the Earthly plane". They tell me that they experience a turning of their own thoughts - sometimes to unexpected places; that they accept this turning as evidence of encounter with the Divine within, and they speak, when led, from their thoughts. I think this is good, for they ground us mystics. We compliment each other without needing to replicate each other's experience or think that the other is less deep or more weird. One of the things that I like about Freedom Friends Church is that we are inclusive along mystic/grounded lines.
I'm grateful for the voice you bring to this continuous, evolving dialogue. Thanks for the mention.

Liz, The Good Raised Up
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