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Here is a post by a Berkeley blogger I had not seen before, on Quakers, and why they get spied upon. If I were not a Quaker preacher I would accuse him of stealing some of the thunder we have planned for the QHD weekend. Since I am a Quaker preacher I take this as clear evidence that Marge and I are listening well to what the Spirit wants said. This is getting interesting!
I liked the Berkeley blogger's post... but FYI, the link you have is incorrect-- it has two "http"s that make the website unable to be pulled up.

Wish I could be at your upcoming weekend.

Liz, The Good Raised Up
I am such a techno-tard.
Just because I understand how to make a link does not mean that I won't screw it up. Thanks for the tip. I think they are all working now.
I wish you could all be there.
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