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A little bit more about what the Berkeley Chats will be about:

God's Agenda For Us: Will We Cooperate?

Session 1 -- "We Have a Great Trailer -- How's the Movie?"
In signing on to be Friends, we are acknowledging that God's peace throws the conventional wisdom of the world into disorder and that transformation is dangerous and leads us into unsuspected ways.

Session 2 -- "A Fearless Faith"
When we are transformed in holy love, fear takes its rightful place. As we cooperate with God and are obedient we come to live truth more fully. Motivation for an action-based fearless faith comes both from knowing God's love and the undeniable truth that people are dying for want of what we have.

Session 3 -- "If Not Us -- Who?"
Cooperation with God also presses us to see the divine reality which we have ignored. In our "niceness" and idolatry there is much which needs to be rooted out and fall away in order for us to live freely in the power of the cross.

HI Peggy,
I am an avid blogger and Quaker-blog follower and a friend Robin M, has asked if my wife and I are planning on attending the Quaker Heritage so I was wondering if you could send me a link to more info on it or something?

By the way I enjoy your blog.
my email is cwdaniels[AT]
The web page for Berkeley Friends church is

They are asking Friends to pre-register - they are planning to feed you lunch.
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