Get Rosie Rolling! Book Sale

The Fabled Rocinante, Rosie to her intimates, is right now in pieces on the shop floor of Bill's Motorcycles Plus in Salem. When I get the call, I will redeem her with my credit card.  That does not mean that I have the Samolians to pay off said credit card.  

I am told the tab will be just about a Grand. That is about a hundred books.  I have 86 books in the house.  I need everyone who has ever enjoyed one of my motorcycle tales to buy a book or two. I do not make this stuff up. I need the bike to go collect more stories. I also need the bike because she is a material contributor to my general sanity - nobody wants to see what it would look like for that to dissipate. I apologize in advance for being crassly commercial until I own her free and clear again. I also apologize for any excess exclamation points!!

Until further notice all books are $10!

Book options at the moment:

(longer descriptions accessed at

 So There I was...  60 UPI columns normally $20 now $10!

So There I was in Africa...  normally $15 now $10!

(there are only 8 copies - then this one is out of print for now)

Messages to a Refugee Planet- post modern Gospel messages

Still only $10!

To order books,go to or email me at, or use the paypal button on the left.

I will deliver From Albany to Portland.  If I need to mail your books please include $2 per book for postage - they will come media mail.

I thank you for your support



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